This Blog will follow my journey to becoming more ethical in the way I live. It’s so hard to feel like we are making a positive impact in this world and yet so easy to make a negative one.

We live in a beautiful world, a world to honour and treat with respect. This is just my way of trying to do that and keep myself accountable.

I want to encourage others to make steps, small and large, to being a part of a movement that honours our planet and our fellow brothers and sisters by thinking about our actions, even the ones that have become habit. I can’t do it alone, no one can. I need support as much as the next person and so advice and encouragements are¬†always welcome.

Earth is home to millions of species of animals and billions of people. It is full of different¬†environments, weather patterns and mysteries. It is an incredible creation that is worth protecting. That’s what the world is to me.

Felicity Honor.